Flying- this is allowed in your hand luggage

Flying – this is allowed in your hand luggage

Slowly but surely we can start thinking about flying within Europe again and although we had to cancel our trip I had already done some shopping for my hand luggage on the plane. But what can you take with you in your hand luggage?

Can we fly again

It’s a strange time we are living in at the moment and at the time of writing we are plotting our long awaited trip to America ourselves. Because although the first reports are coming in that you can fly within Europe again, for outside Europe and then America, this will not be the case for some time yet.

A change of scenery

Yet I actually long to go away for a while. It doesn’t have to be far away it can be in my own country, but after all those months in my home and backyard I would love to go to a different environment.

What to take in your hand luggage?

And now that the school vacations are about to start and the first flights are on their way again, that foreign country suddenly comes into the picture again. And are you going to fly now, what can you take with you in your hand luggage? I have put this in a row!

What can I take with me?

In addition to your handbag you may bring a hand luggage bag, it must be of a certain size to prevent people from taking entire suitcases as hand luggage, always check with the airline for this. But what is allowed in your hand luggage?

  • A bottle of water, make sure it is an empty water bottle that you fill on the plane or a sealed water bottle. If it has been opened it cannot be taken on the plane.
  • Cameras, tablets and laptops
  • Liquids, gels, creams and pastes
    • Packaging of max. 100ml each
    • Together in a re-sealable, transparent bag of no more than 1 liter
    • one bag per person

    What’s in my hand luggage

    Maybe a tip for other lens users: I always take along lens solution in my hand luggage. Due to an eye disease I cannot wear glasses and depend on my lenses. I take this lens solution in case I need to clean my lenses on the way, but also in case my bag gets lost at the airport.

    The standard bottles I use are 200 ml and these are not allowed in my hand luggage. At 123 lens I ordered a flight-pack, this contains 2x bottles (outward and return) of 100ml, 2x a lens holder and resealable bag. Ideal to take with you in your hand luggage!

    What else do I take with me in my backpack?

    Besides my handbag with all my papers and my phone, we all have a backpack with hand luggage with us. What else is in here?

    • Thick tui and socks. It can get pretty cold on an airplane. .
    • an extra pair of underpants – too many times a bag has been lost at the airport and then at least I have clean underpants for the next day.
    • A book.
    • A pen for when you have to fill in an Arrival Card.
    • My travel journal to write down the first stories on the road and my travel books of where I’m going. Great to be able to prepare and read during the flight or while waiting!

    An extra bag when traveling with a baby.

    If you travel with small children, you may bring an extra diaper bag. Pay attention with switching. I once made the mistake of opening a bottle of syrup on the plane, but after the stopover it was no longer allowed on the next plane.

    On vacation by plane

    Hopefully we can all go on vacation and use the airplane safely again. Before you go on vacation, carefully read the guidelines from National Government, then you can be sure you will have a happy and safe vacation!