Far journey with children a travel book with search game

Far journey with kids a travel book with a search game

It won't be long before we go on a trip to Costa Rica. A few weeks ago you could already read that I made a travel diary for the little man last year. This year I took a slightly different approach.

I made a travel book to prepare the toddler for our long trip and I even included a game element in it.

Far journey with children; a travel book with search game

Just a little longer and we can start our next adventure. A long trip to Costa Rica with kids. Ten years ago Costa Rica was the first faraway country we visited together. Now we are going packed with a toddler and a baby to do it all over again. Our journey is already planned and preparations are in full swing.

To prepare my toddler I made another travel booklet, this time I did not use scissors and glue but made the booklet digitally.

Travel book with search game

I searched the internet for images of all the locations and accommodations we will be visiting during the trip. I also looked for some images of the most seen and special animals in the country. I grabbed the itinerary and got to work.

Each location a page

I started with the first day of travel. From Schiphol to Panama. I added some photo’s of the plane and the suitcases on the belt to make the first page. Next we have a stop over in Panama City and from that I made the following page.

After a night of rest and a day of swimming we fly to Costa Rica.

From there, each location has a separate page. This way the little guy can see at a glance where he will sleep that night. It gives him a mountain of anticipation and a little bit of predictability during the trip. After all, at home my kids have a nice rhythm of eating and sleeping. Kids generally thrive on some predictability and rhythm.

I notice that especially with my oldest. With the help of this booklet, such an exciting trip becomes a little predictable.

travel book

Search game

In the back of the book I added images of 12 animals that live in Costa Rica. Think of a sloth, a crocodile and a frog. All the animals I added we saw ourselves ten years ago. We will try to tick off all those animals during our trip.

With each animal there is an arrow that can be colored in if we have spotted the animal. This gives the little guy, in addition to pre-fun, a chance to really search during the trip. We are going to visit a lot of nature parks so we should be fine.

travel book

Have you ever made a travel book for your kids?

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