Surprise your employees with a (small) Christmas hamper

Surprise your employees with a (small) Christmas package

Are you slowly longing for Christmas?? Or maybe you are already busy preparing for Christmas? This is true for me because I want to thank my guest bloggers again this year for Christmas like last year.

Personal touch

Of course, there is a difference between a Christmas package I send out and a Christmas package a company sends out to their employees. At the company where I worked for a long time we always got very nice Christmas hampers. Sometimes all the same, sometimes different for each department.
And always with a personal card inside from the manager. The latter I can always appreciate, because then you know that real effort has been made.
I always take this with me when I send a Christmas gift to my guest bloggers.

Small Christmas gift

Of course you can put together a nice Christmas package yourself by buying a number of items and making a package out of them, but of course you have to have the time to do that. I did this last year and it was great fun, but also time-consuming. That’s why this year I choose to send a Christmas gift that is already ready-made. But…that certainly does not make them any less fun!

And you do not have to be afraid that such’a ready-made Christmas package is unaffordable for smaller entrepreneurs: they are already from 5 euros.

To the small Christmas package I add of course that personal touch, which I find so important. I do that in the form of a Christmas card that I hand write for everyone. With a personal message for everyone.
Last year I had bought a Tony Chocolonely bar for all the guest bloggers and of those I knew, I had also bought their favorite flavor. In addition, I bought Christmas decorations in the shape of mini reindeer at Action, which I added to the card. Finally, a card with a nice quote and that’s it!
I got super nice comments on it, so it was definitely worth the time and effort.

So…just do it!

Are you still unsure whether or not to give your guest bloggers or employees a (small) Christmas gift?? I say just do it! The warm reactions are so nice and besides it just shows that you appreciate your colleagues’s.

And we could all use it, especially in the strange times we are in at the moment.

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