All Balls in the Air

Stay at Home Mom – All balls in the air

Some time ago I wrote about the preaches people have TOWARDS Stay-at-Home Moms. In this, it was already revealed that thesis were not always true and that every mother is busy trying to keep all the balls in the air. So Today I Will Give You A Peek Behind The Scenes Through A Tag Linda Thought Up.

What is the Division of Tasks at Home When it comes to children and household etc??


In General, I Take Care of the Children the Most. However, Once the Husband has finished work or is free we do a lot together. When I'm cleaning up, he puts the children in the bath in advance.

When I Go to My Horse He Takes Care of the Little Ones.

We Divide A Lot Of Tasks This Way And It Works Really Well. My Children Have A Really Involved Father Who Does A Lot With Theme And I Find That Very Important Myself.

How do you keep work and private life separate?

I'm a stay-at-home mom, so i don't have to keep work and home life separate. Full -time mom.It is starting to Become More and More of a Hobby But I Like That. And because I do that from home I can combine it perfect with the busy life of a family.

What Household Chores Have You Given Up Or Dropped First??

Top of the List: Ironing! I really only use my iron when I'm sewing something. Just Iron a Seam or A Him.

My Ironing Board is Really Gathering Dust in the Attic. I Just Fold Everything Tightly and I Get Away With It.

When was the last time you had me-time and what did you do??

As a Stay-at-Home Mom, I find that you quickly Get Too Busy With Your Family And Forget Yourself A Little. Fortunately, for me me-time is a pretty broad concept. When I Go to My Horse, It's Already A Moment For Myself.

It is also real me-time when I am behind the Sewing Machine. Putting Your Mind At Zero And Doing Something Fun.

Both Things I Did Yesterday. Me-time by Lying in the Bathtub with a Netflix Series, For Example, I Don't Have That Often. I Don't give myself the time for that.

Do you ever have a date night and what do you do??

Far too little! Before we had children we went out for dinner. Having a nice dinner and a chat.

Since the children we don't take time for that. I always feel a bit burden to have to ask for a babysitter (again).

Our last date night was a few months ago when we went out for dinner and a movie.

How often Do You See Your Friends And What Do You Do??

I talk to my friends almost every day but i see them on anverage once every week. Sometimes we have a quick chat and sometimes we meet for tea. I would like to have more date night with those girls too.

Do You Have Much Contact With Your Family?

YES, A LOT. Both With My In-Laws And My Own Family. We have a Group App for Both families and there is a lot of chatter in it.

My Own Family Does Not Live Nearby But I Try To See Them at Least Every Two Week.

What's the First Thing You Can Tell That Should Be A Lot More Hours In The Day?? In Other Words, what do your priorities look like??

Since we have two little dogs and two cats at home it should be a priority to vacuum and joke every day. The Livestock has a lot of hair and that hair likes to swirl all over my floor, stick to my couch and lie on my backs. Very unfortunate.

Still, I really don't pick up the vacuum cleaner every day. My Children and My Hobbies ’ S The Priority Then Anyway. I'd Rather Those Two Little Ones had a good time and Attention than me spending half the day cleaning the house.

Do you sometimes pretend to be better than in reality?

Of course, who wouldnn't! When I Share A Photo on Instagram I Sometimes Deliberately Keep the Gang Out of the Picture. Sometimes Not, Because of Course It's also Hilarous to See What A Mess A Toddler Can Make.

I also Sometimes Run Like Crazy Through The House With The Vacuum Cleaner And The Cleaning Cloth When I Know Someone Is Coming by. While I had ‘ Forgotten ’ For Days Now.

But other than that, of course, I really am the perfect mother … uche uche.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Moms?

Learn the Following Mantra by Heart; “ Let it go, Let it go ”. It Doesn't Always Have To Be Perfect, You Can Drop A Stitch Once In A While. It's Important When Your House Is A Mess And Your Children Have Been Playing. How important is it that your comforter cover is ironed?

Absolutely not.

In Short, Make Choices for the Benefit of Your Own Family and Not For The Outside World.

What Do You Ever Wonder How Other Moms Do It?

I Sometimes Wonder How Other Mothers Keep All The Balls In The Air But More In The General Sense Of The Word. I Sometimes Wonder How Many Hours Some Moms Spend Working And Doing Other Things Besides Being A Family. But do I want to know how they do it??

Then again, I don't.

I Am Curious About the Choices Moms Make, Thought. So I would love to read the Answers from Cassandra, Marjo, Linda, Astrid, Mary-Lou and Judith.

How do you keep all the balls in the air? Do You Recognize Things From My Story?

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