Webshop of the week Live Life Happy

Webshop of the week Live Life Happy

A while ago I got it in my head again. I am a sucker for unicorns. (You could read the other day that I even have unicorn slippers.) So I was scouring instagram and the internet for unicorns and then it happened. I came across Live Life Happy. A happy The webshop looks great with a real unicorn category. My luck could not stop!

I had to have this webshop for my webshop Tuesday. And it worked. Read along?

Bblogt loves webshops Live Life Happy

Live Life Happy is, as the name implies, a webshop with happy products. The assortment is very diverse but the similarity is that it makes you happy. And I certainly will. After browsing through the category ‘Unicorns’ I looked around a bit more in this webshop.

If you need something nice as a gift, for your interior, to make your children happy or just to spoil yourself then you should definitely visit Live Life Happy. Besides that it is a cheerful webshop, there is also regularly something added so you can find a diverse and changing range. Every category you click on surprises you. I love it.

Owner and driving force behind this cool webshop tells you about her webshop and passion.

Live Life Happy

Tell me something about the origin of your webshop.
“Originally I started with a make-up webshop (Fresh Mint Cosmetics) but over time you get other interests and I didn't really find make-up that interesting anymore. I used to work in a nice store with gadgets and cheerful stuff and that is where the idea of a super cheerful webshop with stuff that makes people happy was born! In the shop I can use all my creativity: writing, photographing, scouring the internet for the best stuff and of course selling all that stuff!”

Where does the name Live Life Happy come from?|
“The name Live Life Happy suddenly came to me. I had all kinds of ideas, there had to be something with the word “happy” or “cheerful” in it, but I could not immediately come up with something catchy. I really thought about that for a while, because it should sound good, not be too difficult, not too long etc…Then I started scribbling something on a sheet of paper and suddenly I shouted out loud: LIVE LIFE HAPPY?!

Why did I not think of that before! And miraculously this domain name did not yet exist. I am still very happy that I have chosen this name!”

bblogt loves webshops live life happy

What fun things can we all shop for from you?
“ The shop is filled with lots and lots of fun stuff (already more than 1000 products). You name it: craft stuff like stickers and washi tape, fun stuff for school or office, gadgets, streamers, cards, home accessories, funny lip glosses… And every week new stuff arrives! This ensures that the shop continues to surprise every time.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“I get inspiration from everything around me, the internet, social media, real life, the supermarket (yes really haha!). Sometimes you just see something and you think: yes! that's a really nice idea for Live Life Happy. Then I write it down immediately, because there are so many great ideas that I forget… The funny thing is that even family members sometimes suggest ideas! “Isn't that something for Live Life Happy?!”

bblogt loves webshops live life happy

Do you have a personal favorite? Something not to be missed?
“Absolutely! I can get really happy with all the happy masking tapes in the assortment. All those fun colors and figures, and you can do so many fun things with them too! I also recently designed a cute notepad on which you can make a handy to-do list. Bright pink with a cute cloud, really nice!

And there is a new notebook coming up with a cactus family, another’idea that suddenly came to me. And of course the cheerful cards of our own brand and the other brands we sell such as Studio Stationery, Studio Inktvis and Renske Evers! Actually all products make me very enthusiastic!”

bblogt loves webshops live life happy

What is your ultimate dream when it comes to Live Life Happy?
“My ultimate dream… there are still many brands I would like to sell in the shop. In addition, I really want to expand the brand so that when someone thinks: “I want to buy a fun or happy gift” that they immediately think of Live Life Happy! And I would also like to design/make more products myself so that you really can offer a unique product. So many more fun ideas, I'll grab my notepad again…”

Are you also so happy about this?

Then you should definitely visit the website of Live Life Happy. Don't forget the Unicorns category and be sure to check out the toys for the kids.

Are you as happy as I am with this webshop? I'm curious what you would put in your shopping cart.

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