Tips for getting through the day when it rains duration the vacations

Tips to get through the day when it rains duration the vacations

You're on Vacation and Course You Hope For Nice Weather Every Day. Should It Rain One Day Now I Have Some Tips To Get Through This Rainy Day. Both for children and for yourself!

Vacations we want sunshine


I was so unhappy last year. We had Been on Vacation to France and Spain for Three Weeks. Here it was boiling hot and also in Holland it was beautiful weather then.

I was hoping we would have this the last three weeks of summer vacation too, but this was definitely not the case. Those last week were of Cold and it rated a lot. Bummer of Course, Especally Since the Boys Went Sailing in Friesland for a Few Days and the Three of Us Stayed at A Campsite.

We had a wonderful time, but it's still more fun when the sun is present.

Rain in the Vacations

Anyway, it's not up to us, the rain can come pouring down again this year. We go on vacation for three weeks and the other three weeks we're at home. We have already planned a few days away.

But what do we do when it rains? I wrote an article about this before, but then the boys were a lot younger and now that they are getting older, The Rainy Days in the Vacations Are Getting Different Too.

So what can we do with the kids:

  • Organize A Movie Day. Get Popcorn In The House, Turn on Netflix, On Demand or Grab The Stack of DVD ’ S And Start Watching Movies
  • Games Day. Get All The Board Games Out Of The Closet And Compete With The Kids. Keep Track of Who Wins The Most Times And Who Gets To Decide What Goes On The Table That Night.
  • A Rainy Day is a great day to take care of the kids' bedrooms. Get a big garbage bag and see what can go, what can be recycled and put everything that can stay Neatly Back on the shelves
  • Today is a nice day to try on sneakers for the coming year, buy leaflets and a new diary
  • Put on Rain Boots and Rain Suit and Get Outside.
  • our Love drawing and painting, so for these days I always get some painting canvases and painting stuff at action, they can have a great time on the canvas.

But what can you do when it rains?

  • Finally Grab That Photo Album And Go Past All Those Photos ’ S That Have Been Waiting for You For Ages
  • Or finally go make that photo album online that has bone waiting so long
  • Go baking. Make some goodies for the family. If you already know that the weather is going to be bad, order a box from butter beforehand&Flower
  • Go sort out the bookcase. Which books do you really because to keep and which can go away, is there an outdoor library near you? Bring Them Here (Under The Umbrella)
  • Go Sort Out Your Closet, What Haven You Worn All Summer? Set It Aside and Think About Whether You're Still Going To Wear It Or Maybe It Can Get A Second Life And Then Take It To The Thrift Store.

Do you have any tips to do it is a rainy day duration the vacations?