The Lego Group and Nintendo Come Up With Unique Collaboration

The Lego Group and Nintendo Come Up With A Unique Collaboration

How Cool is this! The Lego Group and Nintendo Take Legendary Building Experience to a New Level with Unique Collaboration. Today, The Lego Group Announces A Collaboration with Nintendo.

And what a partnership!


A Collaboration Between the Lego Group and Nintendo

A Collaboration That Will Change the Way People Interact with Super Mario and LEGO®. Designers from Both Companies Join Forces to Create A New Physical Play Experience. A Gaming Experience that Brings Super Mario to Life in the World of LEGO® Bricks.

A Passion for Innovation and Play

Both the Lego Group and Nintendo Share a Passion for Innovation and Play. And this collaboration has Enriched the Lego Building Experience. A New Way of Playing is Made Possible, Inspired by the Beloved Video Game Icon, Super Mario.

LEGO® Super Mariotm

LEGO® Super Mariotm is neith a video game nor a traditional lego building set. It's a new product line! Where an interactive lego mario figure collects coins in physical levels.

The Levels Are Created With Lego Building Blocks. The New Product Line Lets Kids Experience the Playful World of Super Mario Like Never Before.

Super Mario Will Be Brought to Life in The Physical LEGO World. New Challenge Levels and Play Styles Will Become Part of the Iconic Lego Experience.

The News was also shared in a Video Earlier Today by the Lego Group and Nintendo:

Mario In The Physical World

“ We are very excited to bring mario to the physical world in the form of an interactive and social lego play experience ”, Says Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, EVP of the Lego Group. "With Lego Super Mario, we sacrifice Millions of Children A Whole New Way To Play Where Control What they Create and How they play With Their Favorite Character. By Seamlesly Integrating the latest Digital Technology, LEGO Super Mario is a Highly Social, Interactive and Collaborative Experience for Kids. "

€., LTD. “ the new product We have created together with the lego group tries to combine two different play styles – one in which you freely build the world of mario yourself and one in which you play with mario in the world you have created.”

The Lego Group and Nintendo Launch Unique Collaboration

LEGO® Super Mariotm Will Be Launched later this year. When more information about this will be made available in the future I will of course share it here. So Read the Initial Details and Pre-Order Here.