Take care of your skin with a serum or skin oil tips

Take care of your skin with a serum or skin oil tips

Skin care is always important. Because whether you're young or have aging skin and whatever season it is, your skin needs the right care. Take care of your skin in a very easy way with a serum or moisturizing skin oil.

Take good care of your skin

Good facial care is so important, but how do you take good care of your skin? What do you do for your skin? Take care of the skin on your face, neck and décolleté every day, as these are the areas of the body that can show signs of aging quite quickly.

Think of the wrinkles along the eyes and at the cleavage. To take good care of your skin you don't have to do much at all. And whether you have combination skin, oily skin or just dry skin, make sure you have the right products.

Today a review on a serum from GM Collin and a moisturizing skin oil from IK Skin Perfection in the spotlight.

GM Collin Ceramide Comfort Serum

GM Collin's Ceramide Comfort Serum look beautiful alone. It's golden pearls that make your skin shine. The nourishing and hydrating capsules with ceramides and lipids (fats) provide better moisture to the skin. It also protects against negative environmental influences. It nourishes the skin, reduces the visible signs of skin aging and minimizes moisture loss in the skin.

And it softens the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable.

Who are these capsules for?

These capsules are for all skin types, drier skin and mature skin.

How to use these capsules

Take care of your skin ’morning or ’evening with these capsules. I do this in the morning because it gives such a nice and soft feeling to your skin that it's a shame to go to sleep with it on. But this is entirely personal. First cleanse your skin and then twist off the cap of the capsule. Drop the contents drop by drop into the palm of your hand and massage well onto the face, neck and around the eyes.

After this, you can apply your favorite cream. The scent is very light and the serum good fat. You really feel your skin glow for a while, but the serum absorbs quickly.

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RE-HYDRATING+ Hydrating Skin Oil

Take care of your skin with RE-HYDRATING+ oil from Ik Skin Perfection. This skin oil soothes, restores moisture, combats signs of aging and leaves the skin glowing. The Re-Hydrating+ hydrating skin oil is a fine, light essential oil.

This hydrating skin oil is specifically designed to repair, energize and vitalize your skin.

This hydrating skin oil is for normal and dehydrated skin, dry skin, mature and sun-damaged skin.

Using Re-Hydrating+

Apply the moisturizing oil every morning and/or evening under your IK Skin Perfection 24H Cream or mask or mix it with your favorite product. The skin oil smells like citrus and is good fat, spreads well and absorbs very quickly. I put two drops of skin oil on my hand and massage it well on the skin of my face.

One thing I noticed is that my hands felt greasy for a moment, but it was quickly absorbed. The oil leaves my face feeling soft.

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Take care of your skin

Whatever the season, your skin needs proper care. Caring for your skin is so important. This serum and hydrating skin oil will leave your skin glowing and feeling super soft.

And another advantage, the use is less likely to show signs of aging on the skin because you keep it so supple.