What made me happy 38

What made me happy 38

We had a stop in the series ‘What made me happy’ because of our trip. So today we just pick up where we left off. Every Sunday I share the moments that made me happy.

With a short week this time because we only had Tuesday afternoon came back from Costa Rica.

What made me happy 38

After a fantastic trip we were back home safely on Tuesday afternoon. At first the little guy didn't want to go home but once he was in his own environment he liked it anyway. However, he wanted to play with as many toys as possible in a few hours.

Drifted off to work with the paint, then with the lego, the duplo and his Zoomer Dino. I had difficulty getting him back to bed.

When you have been traveling for so long you also had to miss your animals for so long. For me that is always a little thing. I was very happy when I could ride my horse again.

Unfortunately it causes a lot of muscle pain but I'll get over it.

The clock went forward an hour while we were traveling. So when we came back it was nice and bright again. The whole week we go outside after dinner.

That makes a person feel better.

that made me happy 38

As my followers on Instagram can see, we have some silky chickens. Very sweet fluffy chickens. Since two weeks chicken Louise is sitting on an egg. Hopefully in a little over a week we will have a chick.


You could already see on my Facebook page that I did some serious shopping for the kids on Thursday. I also did a little shopping for myself and scored this mega bad unicorn t-shirt at Primark. One for me and one for my sister.

I don't know if the last picture made me very happy but it is funny. We have a big closet in the dining room that also contains a small aquarium. My cats can't reach that.

Until they discovered that they can get into the closet with a big jump from a stool. Both cats were very busy observing the fish. I took the stool away afterwards.

How was your week? What made you happy?

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