Reading aloud tips for winter

Winter reading tips

As my regular readers will know, we love books. Picture books, reading books, tactile books, bath books, we devour them all. The little man is read to every evening and during the day we also regularly pick up a book.

Personally, I always like to bring a bit of a theme into the house with the seasonal tree and our crafts. Of course the books we read also match the theme as much as possible. Since winter is now in full swing, today I share with you 5 fun reading tips for winter.

Reading tips for winter

In December we read mainly books that really fit in with the holidays. I have banished these books to the attic for now, otherwise the little man will keep asking about those men with beards. Since a week it is really winter here, so I like to read about that as well.

We have a few booklets that fit exactly into the winter theme.

What we already read

Our stack of reading and picture books is quite large. I just really can't pass a bookstore without walking in. A logical consequence is that we have a box full of books and also several booklets around a theme.

A real wintery book is Winter Fun by Leen van Durme. A sweet little cardboard book in which Penguin goes sledding and more and more animals join in the winter activities. This book is also often on our table under the seasonal tree.

We also often read Jip and Janneke and especially the book with the four seasons. Jip and Janneke has so many stories and they all fit into a theme. The winter stories are all collected in a beautiful Winter edition.

Winter reading tips

To give you some extra reading tips I did some research. There are so many books about winter, snow and skating that it can be hard to choose. The following books fit the theme perfectly, have beautiful pictures and are easy to read.

Farmer Boris in the Snow is one of the most recognizable books in the Ted van Lieshout series. Farmer Boris lives on a farm and in winter everything is covered with snow. Luckily Boris has a very large snow plough which he uses to clear the way. \

Another book, of which I already love the cover, is Chick in the Snow by Thea Dubbelaar and Jenny Bakker. This little book tells the story of a little chick who flies into the snow and starts shivering from the cold. Luckily she meets a warm and big sheep.

The nice thing about this book is that it includes extra’s like a postcard, challenges and a coloring page.

I am a big fan of the books by Marianne Busser and Ron Schroeder. Together they write awesome recognizable booklets for toddlers and preschoolers. In October, little man and I were lucky enough to meet this duo and they signed our book the Poop Factory. From these authors will sell a huge number of booklets and of course also booklets that fit the winter theme.

For example, you can choose the Merry Winter Book. A collection of various verses, rhymes and stories set in winter.

Warm under a rug

I say; enough inspiration to read a book together. Did you know that reading aloud increases your child's vocabulary?? Even when they can't talk yet, children learn a lot from reading aloud. Nice to know? So crawl together under a rug on the couch or on the bed and grab a book.

Success guaranteed.

What books do you like to read (for) in the winter?


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