What made me happy 32

What made me happy 32

Well that was quite a week. A nice week with lots of things that made me happy. I was busy with our trip coming up, lots of outdoors, a day of a disgruntled baby and some fun outings.

So on this Sunday another little summary of the things that made me happy.

What made me happy 32

Spring is coming! Okay, okay, it's only the beginning of February and winter can last a very long time for now. But as soon as I see snowdrops in bloom I think spring is coming.

I find them so cozy.

After a big cleanup, my old Fisher-Price gibberish phone reappeared. He remains cute. I'll keep this one because it's a real classic.

The little girl also enjoyed beating around the bush with it.

My little man built a fort. Whether that made me very happy I do not know. All the cushions and half my furniture were thrown in one big pile.

The little man was sweet and Blazer was happy with his throne. Mad dog.

that made me happy

We went outside again. The temperature was fine and we had dry weather most of the time. In this picture the toddler is looking at the records of the various water birds on the lake.

He spotted five of them.

Our little girl rolled over for the first time this week. So cute, she even looked surprised. She also does this in bed when she's not wearing a sleeping bag.

It will definitely always be on now.

We celebrated Winterfest at the kindergarten. It was very cozy. I especially had to laugh at the fact that my toddler ran down all the koek and zopie tents. Some oliebollen, poffertjes and chocolate milk went into it.

Uh, sugar free? Then we get in the car and he says he's hungry.

How was your week? Did you do things that made you happy?

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