Developing the love between mother and child in silver

Immortalizing the love between mother and child in silver

It will not be a surprise for you that, like every mom, loves my children and loves them unconditionally. Some time ago you could read that I have a tattoo on my arm for both children. I was allowed to do this love between mother and child now also immortalize in silver.

Immortalizing the love between mother and child in silver

During my vacation in Costa Rica I received a great mail from the Names4ever webshop. I was allowed to choose a nice piece of jewelry on their website. Secretly I was a bit skeptical because name jewelry can sometimes look a bit cheap. However, I could immediately put this skepticism overboard because these jewelry turned out to be very stylish and beautiful. My eye fell directly into the family jewelry category.

Here you will find various pendants in different styles. You can personalize this by having the names of your children or loved ones engraved. If you want that little bit more, you can even add a birthstone.

Carrie Bradshaw and name chains

After extensive scrolling through the family jewelry, I also saw a chain with name. You also always watched sex and the city with Carrie Bradshaw? Then you probably know what she always had hanging around her neck. Correct, a golden name chain. Nice girly with her own name in graceful letters.

At Names4ever you can also have Zo ’ N Name Chain à la Carrie made. You even have the choice of various fonts. Do you go for graceful, loosely or tough?

The choice is huge.

Choice stress

But yes, because that choice is so large, I naturally suffered from the well -known choice stress. I wanted a piece of jewelry that was not too striking, which I can contribute everywhere and where the names of both children adjusted. Not too big, not too small and especially stylish. After the famous waste race I chose a silver disc where two names could be on.

Now the wait could begin.

Immortalizing the love between mother and child in silver

Within a few days I already had the order. On the website it is stated that delivery can take 4 to 7 working days, when it comes to customization. So I was really looking at that my jewel was already inside so quickly.

Now I was finally allowed to see him in real life. And yes, even in real life it is a picture of a piece of jewelry. The fine print of the names of my children are super tight in it, the silver is perfectly finished and most important..

The pendant looks very beautiful. I'm happy!

Immortalizing the love between mother and child in silver


In short, Names4ever is definitely recommended if you are looking for a beautiful personalized gift. Incidentally, this is not only interesting for mothers. You will also find a wide range of relationships.

Cool to share with your partner or with your best friend. So I would say; The tip for that special gift.

Do you also have your love for your children or partner immortalized in a piece of jewelry?


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