Drawing with Preschoolers Fantasy

Drawing with Toddlers Fantasy

With all this beautiful weather we are outside a lot but the crafting heart of my Toddler Keeps Beating. So everything now and then I really have to go inside to tinker with the little guy. To Stimulate His Imagination I Came Up With A Nice Little Drawing Assignment.

In fact, drawing with preschoolers is something that is tremendously fun to do and see.

Drawing Development

Since I Can Hold a Pencil I Have Always Been Drawing. Whole Drawing Books I Drew Full. If you look at the drawings you can see QUITE A Development.

You can see this development in your own children Too and I Personally Love to Follow It.

Both Children Got A Pencil In Their Hands From An Early Age And Fortunately They Both Like It A Lot. The Youngest is one and a half and makes Mostly Uncontrolled Scratches But Can Already Move Her Pencil Across The Paper. The Eldest is 4.5 and now draws Recognizable Things.

The familiar Head-Feet (A Head With Legs Attached) Are Already Giving Way to Dolls With A Belly.

Althegh the Arms Are Often Forgotten, You Can Actual See That They Are People.

Now that he is developing more and more in the area of drawing, I thought it would be fun to give he a little drawing assignment for a change. Just to See what he would do with them and because.

Drawing with Toddlers

Since I Enjoy Drawing With Preschoolers So Much But Wanted to Offer It A Little More Focused Now I Gave MR. A stack of magazines. With scissors we cut out heads, legs and bodies of people an animals. I Noticed That My Toddler Could Really Cut This Out Nicely Already.

Then we glued some pictures on a big sheet of paper and I told him he could now draw the missing bodies on it. They didn ' t have to be right but he could choose what he threw on them himself. Of course that Included Dragon Stings and Shark Finnish.

Drawing with Toddlers; fantasy

Heyyed It So Much That We Filled Up Two More Sheets Of Paper And Drew. Freek Vonk was also pimped with a clubfoot and course a real poisonous snake on his belly. So this is definitely to be repeated.

Drawing with Toddlers; fantasy

Have you ever tried this with your child (ren)?

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