What personal gift can you give for a birthday?

What personal gift can you give for a birthday?

The husband's birthday and often he already knows what he's going to get, since we often buy this together already. Besides, we are a bit at the age where we say,’ what else should I ask, I already have everything!’ That's why I thought it would be nice to give something for once, which he certainly wouldn't expect. Together with the boys I chose a personal gift.

What will we give as a present this time?

My birthday is at the end of February and the husband's at the beginning of March. We always ask each other ‘ what do you want’ and often we buy it together, or the other knows what he is going to get. For example, the husband gave me my ticket to the blog event Blogger By Nature this year, which I really want to go to.

Yet I also find it very nice to buy some extra’s to give it a bit of a surprise.


So I bought the man sport socks and a hat that he can wear while running, for example. Despite the cold lately, he just keeps on running. Recently I was at a sporting goods store and came across a running hat so I thought I'd give it to him straight away, but I'll hold it back a week for his birthday. The boys are now at an age where they want to give something as well.

The other day I had a new case for my phone and the boys asked if we could do the same for their dad, but one with a picture they wanted to pick out.

Personalized gift

Now I also like to give a gift with a personal touch and so we came across the site of GoCustomized.Where you can design your own cases. Cases for a phone or tablet, but also gadgets such as a notebook or Bluetooth speaker. All personalized with your own photo design.

Plenty of choice

Since the husband has an iPhone, I went to the page where I can design an IPhone case. There is a lot of choice. So you can choose different cases, soft case, hard case or a wallet case that you both sides can be printed or unilaterally Want something tough, then you can choose a leather case or Toughcase.

We chose a wallet case that is printed on the front with the photo, because I liked the picture best this way.

Personalize to your own style

It was very easy to make the cover. If you can't figure it out, there is a full description on the site, but you don't really need it. We chose the simplest cover, but there is so much more you can do with it. You can choose your own color, choose a photo or a collage of photos. You can add text.

Both fixed texts and self-made texts. Within a few days I had the cover at home, just mailbox mail, so you don't have to stay home for it. The cover is of good quality and the picture is sharp!

A very nice result.

This personalized cover costs €19.95

You always know what to ask for your birthday?

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