Benefits of the Huawei MateBook d16

Benefits of the Huawei MateBook d16

The MateBook D16 has the support and design of the Huawei Ultrabook, but it is also great. The edges of the screen have been reduced from 16 inches to 5 mm, to achieve 90% on the occupancy area. A consequence of this is that the screen looks even bigger, so you can do more at once on your laptop.

Finally, we have a laptop that fits into easy-to-carry laptop bags. In addition, the weight of 1.7 kg is not a concern for on-the-go.

The modern all-rounder

Not surprisingly, HUAWEI also comes with a full line of additions this year. The MateBook D16 caters to the masses and that’s mainly due to the fair price-performance ratio offered by the Chinese company. As the name suggests, the Chinese company uses an IPS panel with screen diagonal 16 inches and resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD).

The same screen diagonal applies to the MateBook 16s. Still, the 16s has a sharper resolution with its 2520 x 1680px. But that’s one reason the matebook 16s price is higher.

Modern gadgets on a modern design

The Matebook D16 looks beautifully modern from the outside, thanks to its connecting casing. The laptop has a dark grayish base. As the previous series also had, the on/off button is on the right above the keyboard. The laptop can also be unlocked using a finger scan.

Simple look makes the device stand out. The screen is nice and in order and can easily be used every day.

Skilled machine to use at home

On that note, a C.P.U. AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, powered by 16 GB of RAM, it has six cores and a maximum clock speed of 4 GHz. The Shark Fin cooling system should also provide reliable ventilation for all components in the slim case.

If you want to reward data memory with the best performance, use the SSD memory. This memory is split in half to keep memory away from application memory and system memory. But for the greater convenience, this memory is perfect for home users, even if you make video collages.

Yet the computer is slower for video games that contain a high number of graphics, for example.

The only thing that escapes is an SD card reader

For wireless connectivity, there is Wi-Fi version 6 and Bluetooth version 5.1 features. On the right side of the Huawei you’ll find two USB 3.1 inputs, with a jack for earbuds. On the other side you will find two USB-C ports and a possibility to connect an HDMI cable. If you want to charge your laptop, you can use the adapter via the USB-C port.

This one has two additional USB 3.1 port for charging your phone even when the laptop is turned off.

MateBook X Pro: even better than the MateBook D16

If the Matebook D16’s features are too simple for you, you should take a look at the upcoming Matebook X Pro (2021). HUAWEI also installs an IPS panel here, but it has a size of 13.9 inches. The resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels is higher than that of the D16. On top of that, the Matebook X Pro has a touchscreen, which should make for a very good workflow.

However, the fact that HUDe Matebook X Pro offers a brightness of up to 450 cd/m², so you can still see everything while working and that despite bright sunlight.