What made me happy 40 Dressing up and a playhouse

What made me happy 40 dressing up and a playhouse

The fortieth edition of my weekly review already. I type this review with potting soil under my nails and paint behind my ears. We did a lot of gardening and it shows in my hands.

The kids got a playhouse in the garden, which I am very busy with and the dressing up box came out of the attic once again. Take a look at the things that made me happy this week?

What made me happy 40 dressing up and the playhouse

We started the week with a day of chores and a great high tea with fellow bloggers. The High Tea was hosted by ProudMom in Amsterdam and we got a fun workshop to go with it. It was a pleasant afternoon and very nice to meet some fellow bloggers.

My dad worked very hard to put this cool playhouse together. What a mega job. The rest of the week I have been busy with decorating, painting and finishing.

But the end is in sight and it is getting really cool.

I took the dress up box out of the attic again. After the little man had gone wild through the clothes, the cats thought it was a great place to play.

What made me happy 40 dressing up the playhouse

In my search for white sneakers I found these beautiful sneakers by Ted Baker. Not white. I could not resist them anyway and gave up looking for white sneakers for a while.

The little man's best friend came to play again. I didn't hear them all morning because they were outside messing around with the playhouse and mud kitchen.

I scored two great ironing applications’s on the internet. Mom stop blogging me. How happy can you make a mamablogger?

My kids are now twinning with these awesome shirts. Soon you will see at which great webshop I bought these gems.

What made me happy 40 dress up playhouse

What a nice weather we had last week. Together with the little man we played outside in the water playground. Messing about, climbing and clambering, I love it.

I got the sewing machine out of the dust again. I had bought some nice jersey fabrics and I had to make something nice out of them. I made a super cute skirt for my little girl.

I am secretly quite proud of it.

Last Friday you saw a very simple DIY coming along. I like them so much that I made a few more. Now there is also a photo holder next to the bed of the oldest with a picture in it.

Do your children also have a playhouse in the garden?

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