Spring cleaning how to make your house spring fresh again

Spring cleaning: how to make your house spring fresh again

Friday, March 20 is officially spring and many people then get the spring fever and want to start a spring cleaning. But how do you make your house really spring fresh again?

Spring fresh

Spring is the ideal time to clean your house for the spring. It is also the time when the sun comes into your house more often and you see a lot more dust as a result. Or see that the windows really need waxing again.

The ideal time to give your interior a makeover. I love that moment when the back door can open again and the breeze goes through the whole house. I always feel like cleaning and that’s something!

Normally I’m not a big fan of this. But that feeling that spring is coming and my house will be clean and fresh again, wonderful!

What in that spring cleaning then

The big difference between spring cleaning and normal cleaning is that during spring cleaning you pay more attention to details. You put an extra focus on places you will normally skip over. So you’re definitely longer with it too.

But where do you start cleaning

Of course it’s entirely up to you but there is a list you can follow:

Start with the bathroom

You probably already clean the bathroom regularly, but during spring cleaning, this is just a little different, just a little extra’s. Start with an anti-limescale and spray all the places where limescale comes and sits. Let this sit for a while before cleaning it again.

For the tiles and grouting you can use an anti-fungus. This works like a charm, just make sure you let the bathroom air out well to get rid of the smell of the anti-mildew .

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the next step. Start with the fridge. If you need to defrost your freezer, it’s better to do it when it’s colder outside, so you can put the products in here outside (or in the shed) for a while. Take a look at the produce in the fridge and throw away things that are past their sell-by date. And then clean shelf by shelf.

And then tackle the kitchen cabinets and stove. By the way, don’t forget the hood. And especially the inside of the hood. Use a good degreaser for this.

Then it’s the living room’s turn

After the kitchen it is the turn to clean the living room. It is best if you can move all your furniture around a bit. Put curtains in the wash and don’t forget the books and magazines, you often find a lot of dust here too. A good duster (or dishcloth) over the light switches and other hidden places,

Do not forget the bedroom

During the spring cleaning it is good to also take a look at the bedrooms. Not only turn over the mattress again, but also check your and your children’s wardrobes immediately. What haven’t you worn all winter?

Can’t get rid of it then?

The final hurdle, vacuuming and ragging

And then it’s time for the final hurdle, vacuuming the house, mopping and cleaning the windows. Open the windows nicely if you can and let everything out. Your house is ready for spring again!

For me the spring cleaning is always something I look forward to, but if I’m busy with it and see everything get clean, I’m always glad that I do it. And you? Are you also of the spring cleaning?