Ventilate for a healthier living environment

Ventilate for a healthier living environment

How important is clean air actually? And how can you ensure a healthier living environment? Ventilation is more than just opening the windows and skies, but what is this and how can you ensure a healthy living and living environment?

As soon as the sun starts to shine

When the sun starts to shine, many people open the doors and windows nicely and ensure good cleaning at home. Important, but more is needed for a healthier living environment.

A clean indoor climate

Due to the insulation in the current homes, there is hardly any natural air changing, but ventilation is needed. Clean air must be supplied and the dirty air must be removed. Polluted air in the house reinforces allergies, airway problems and irritation of mucous membranes, especially in children and the elderly.

Keep the air in the house healthy

The best way to keep the air in the house healthy is by ensuring continuous air change, even at night. Fresh air comes in and polluted substances disappear. Ventilation means bringing in a constant stream of fresh air and removing polluted air.

Airing is not the same as ventilation. Airing is needed to quickly remove extra polluted air, but it is not a replacement of ventilation.

Tackle moisture problems at the source

Moisture problems in the house you have to tackle the source. Make sure that as little moisture as possible comes into the house. Do not dry in wet laundry and dry the walls and floor as much as possible after showering.

Cook with the lid on the pans to prevent vapor. Living in a damp house can cause airway complaints. More allergens occur in a damp house. Good humidity is between 40 and 60 percent.

A value of 70 percent or more is too moist.

Good ventilation is a healthy living environment

Good ventilation is necessary for health. It provides a pleasant climate in the home. Avoid harmful substances and moisture by correctly changing the indoor air.

Therefore, never turn off the ventilation system, but always leave it on. Also remember that children are especially sensitive to pollution of air. Try not to smoke in the home.

Passive smoking is harmful to everyone, but especially for children.

Where you want it

With balance ventilation, mechanical air is removed and mechanical air is supplied. The advantage of this way of ventilating is that the air comes exactly where you want it and the incoming air from outside is filtered. The outside air is therefore supplemented cleanly regardless of the pollution.

What I already do myself

A while ago my husband decided to tackle the bathroom well, even though it is not yet old, there was fungus. Now that everything was clean, I decided to pay attention to this. There is a good ventilation system in it, but nowadays I also open the window and I dry the walls. When I see what a water comes off, I don’t think it is strange to myself that fungus could form,