Celebrate your children’s party at Trampoline park Jump XL in Aalsmeer

Celebrate your party at Trampoline Park Jump XL in Aalsmeer

Every year there is the question, what are we going to do with the children’s party??Our son turned ten and this year it was Trampoline park Jump XL in Aalsmeer. How it was and if it was a must read here.

Trampoline jumping

The boys love jumping on trampolines and now that we have one in the garden, they are very enthusiastic. Weather permitting they are outside jumping and doing tricks.

What do we do with the party?

Now it was the youngest son’s birthday and there is always the question ‘what are we going to do??’ Last year we went bowling, we have already gone bouldering with a children’s party and been to the movies. The son first had the idea to go laser gaming, but quickly figured out that just like last year, he didn’t want to invite too many kids. Last year he told me that at his party it quickly gets too crowded and he preferred to celebrate with a small group. Fine of course, but then we could not play laser tag, because more children had to be present for this. Because he is so fond of trampoline jumping I asked him if he wouldn’t like to go to Trampoline Park Jump XL in Aalsmeer.

After seeing the pictures on the site, he was enthusiastic.

Trampoline park Jump XL

With his children’s party we drove to Jump XL. This is located in a large building in Aalsmeer, where you walk into a ‘Cave’ on entry. Besides Jump XL you will also find GlowGolf and Monkey Town. For every age there is something to do.

I had booked in advance and arrived at the Trampoline park, I first had to buy socks, these were €2.50 and you can take them with you next time you go trampoline jumping. The boys got blue ribbons and we went to the Trampoline Park. Here they were explained what was and what was not allowed on the trampolines.

Jump XL Aalsmeer offers an indoor trampoline arena with a dodgeball area, basketball, a pillow pit with a high tower.

How much they enjoyed jumping. After an hour the children with the blue wristbands were asked to leave the trampolines and the next group came in. Booking in advance is easiest, because there is a limited number of people who can jump.

Another round of GlowGolf

After a drink in the Cave the boys went to play another hour of GlowGolf. Indoor mini-golf in the dark only illuminated by blacklight. They got a Glow in the Dark ball, all in a different color and there they went. The courses, the obstacles on the courses and the golf balls give off light which makes the Primitive Dutch game of miniature golf a very special experience.

On the 15-hole GlowGolf course you will tee off “in the heart of the earth” between mine carts, rock formations and hidden treasures.

Celebrate your kids party at Trampoline park Jump XL in Aalsmeer Celebrate your children's party at Trampoline park Jump XL in AalsmeerCelebrate your children’s party at Trampoline Park Jump XL in Aalsmeer

A very nice experience

Both trampoline jumping and GlowGolf were very well received by the children and the boys enjoyed themselves, with the birthday boy giving his party a big ten. We will definitely go back, because this is also great fun to do on a rainy Sunday.

Jump XL can be found in many more places in the Netherlands and abroad.