Tips to get your home ready for summer

Tips to get your home ready for summer

The Spring Creeps Have Only Just Passed, or the Summer Creeps Are Already At The Door. With Summer in your head you can't wait to get your home ready for summer. Therefore eSpecally for You 4 Summer Tips for Your Home.

Getting your Home Ready for Summer


We Know About Spring Cleaning, But What Can You Do To Prepare Your Home For Summer?? With these four summer tips, you'll wish it was Summer Every Day:

  1. Good Entrance, Upgrade to Hallway: A Hallway Full of Thick Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves and Scarves? That will make you feel cold. Time for bright summer jackets, sunglasses and easy slippers! Can't Get Summery Enough For You? Put your slippers ready in the hallway.
  1. Make the Living Room Summer-proof: AltheHegh in Summer You May Prefer To Live Outside All Day, The Living Room Remains A Nice Place in Any Season. Let the Warm Fleece Blankets Make Way For Brightly Colored Pillows. Put a Beautiful Bowl or Glass Jar Full Of Tropical Shells On The Table. And of Course A Fragrant Bouquet of Wild Flowers Should Not Be Missing In The Summer Decoration of Your Living Room.
  1. Tackle Large Areas in the BedroomNot only the Details Contribute to the Summer Look of the Bedroom, but also the Surfaces. An Easy Applicable Tip is Your Comforter Cover! Depding on your Taste, You Can Choose A Rustic White Comforter Cover or One With Sun, Sea And Sand. Because to go just bigger?? Then you can Chose to Replace the Closet, For Example. Especially If the Closet Already Needs Replacing, Now is your chance to finally take on this project. Take Advantage of this Situation And Make Sure You Design Your Closet As Smartly As Possible. How about a handy closet giant sliding by? This Saves A Lot Of Space. And Let That Just Contribute To A Real Summer Atmosphere.
  1. Mimic the Beach in the Bathroom: or course, not literally. Because Sand in the Bathroom is an eyesore. Luckily, There are Plenty of Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Summery. If you are creative, you can fill a wide glass vase with a layer of fine sand and shells. To imitation a wonderful beach and sea scent, you can place fragrance sticks in the bathroom with coconut or vanilla scent, for example.

Get the sun in the house

How nice it is this last few days, now that the sun is shining again. Do You Notice That You Are Much Happier? I Love to Bring Summer Into The House, Through Colors and Accessories.

With the above tips you can make your home ready for summer and make sure that every day that summer feeling is present in your home. Thanks for this nice summer guest blog.


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I am Sooooo Happy with the Sudden Summer Temperatures. The Door is open all day here. Lovely All That Fresh Air! ❤️

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