Tips to give your living room a makeover

Tips to give your living room a makeover

Are you tired of your home interior after all those months of sitting at home and working from home?? And is Living Room Ready for A Makeover. Huck!

Roll up your sleeves and get to work. I give tips on how to get started on this today!


Home Weeks, The New Normal

Working from Home Has Become the New Normal In The Last Few Months And was Already Daily for Me, My Husband Has Not Been In The Office Since March. His Office is now Our Son's Bedroom, Dining Table or Sofa. And as it looks now, he'll be working at home for a while, too.

Is this the same for you and are you tired of your living room??

A Makeover For Your Living Room Where Do You Start?

Because we spent so much time in our house and as special the living room, more and more people feel like changing the layout of this space. But how to start a living room makeover?

New Furniture

A Makeover Can Start With Choosing A Different Color of Furniture. A New Color Gives Your Living Room Immediately A Whole Different Look And IF I Look at Our Home I would start with a new couch! We now have a white corner sofa but more and more i am thinking of a corner sofa gray in color!

Gray Gives a Complety Different Atmosphere And Feeling In The House And With A Few Adjustments You Are Actual Already Done.

Decorations and Changes

But of course you can change and renew a lot more in your home. Many Living Roman Are Used Not Only As Sitting Areas, But also AS Workspaces, Playgrounds and Dining Areas. These Features Can Make the Living Room Busy.

If you want decorations in your room, make sure they are simple. Pictures on the Wall in One Color or All the Same Color Frames. Choose Neutral Colors.

Neutral Colors Give More Peace In The House.

A Color on the Wall

And do you want to give your living room a makeover easy and quickly? Think about a new color on the wall. After All Those Weeks Of Working From Home, You Might Be Tired of the Walls Of Your Living Room Or Study Too.

A New Paint Color on the Walls Makes This Week Totally Like News!

A new back

Or choose a new back in the living room, this also gives the room a whole new look. This Could Be A Small Rug For Under The Coffee Table Or A Play Mat For The Children.

Green In The House

Get plants in your home, not only does a little green look fun and cheerful in your home, research has show that plants are good for your health.

Don't give Clutter a Chance

Especial if your workspace is also in the living room, it is important not to have too many distractions around you, make sure clutter is tidy in storage baskets, cabinets or bins.

Lots of Living Fun in the Room

With Adjustments in the Living Room, You Can Give It A Whole New Look. This can be Rigorous with New Furniture and a New Floor, But also Subtle, With a Color on the Wall or Storage Bins. Make Your Living Room That Space You Love To Spend Time In.

ESpeciate now that we might be spending a lot of time at home for a while longer.