Tips How To Choose A Good Pair Of Sunglasses

Tips: How to Choose A Good Pair or Sunglasses?

Actually, We Should All Have Good Sunglasses, After All, Oures Are So Important To Us. But Buying Good Sunglasses is Quite Difficult. Which Glasses to Choose?

Or which frame?


An Eye Disease

From the age of five until I was Ten I Wore Glasses. When I was Sixteen I Told My Parents I Had So Many Headaches and Could Not Read The Blackboard at School. They Tok Me To The Ophthalmologist and I Got Glasses.

I'll never forget the moment I put them on and looked outside. I saw leaves on the trees and also so sharp, that was a long time ago. A Few Months Later I Told My Parents That I Was Having Trouble Reading the Sign Again.

They hesitated for a while, since I just had glasses anyway, but then took me to the eye doctor. Here it turned out that I had the eye disease keratoconus.


With keratoconus you – Just as Easily Said – Don't have a round cornea but this one is oval. Keratoconus is Progressive and Usually on Both Eyes.When I Was Seventeen There Was No Internet. The Little Information The Ophthalmologist Told Me Was that Glasses would not work and I had to have hard lenses, frequent checkups and the process of Deterioration would last until i was 40.

I Didn't Know Then What This Meant And How It would Affect My Life.

Until I had to get new lenses every year because my vision had Deteriorated Again, when I realized that this was serious after all all. But what do sunglasses have to do with this?

Always Wearing Sunglasses

What I Didn't Know At The Time was that with keratoconus – and the rapid Deterioration of my vision also light shunning is one of the symptoms. I Always WHE SUNGLASSES. In Sunshine But also in Snow or When it Rained.

I really did Feel A ‘ Strange ’ because of this.

Had the idea that people would go think. Only when the internet came along and I learned more and more about keratoconus, I realized what was involved and that I really waxn't crazy. That I really needed those sunglasses too.

Children and sunglasses

I always bought my sunglasses for a euro just when I needed them. Didn't Really Think About It. I or Sat on My Glasses, They Fell or Got Damaged.

My Children, On The Other Hand, Got Very Good Sunglasses From Me Immediately, After All, Good Protection For Their Eyes Is So Important. It wasn't until I read more and more good sunglasses, with certain lenses and colors commonly used by people with the same eye disease, that I started to look into it it.

But not only for me a good pair of sunglasses is good, also for you a pair or glasses with good lenses and good frames is something to think carefully about. After all, Your Eyes Are So Important, Why Not Protect Them Properly??

Matching sunglasses

I now have scleral lenses, these are shape-stable lenses that are completely adapted to my eyes, without lenses i can't see anything and i can't wear glasses, since they can't make lenses for my strengthth. So I Am Totally Dependent on My Lenses. Every Morning It is a struggle to get them in, but how slippery i am to have them.

Together with my sunglasses they allow me to function well and drive a car.

Once I realized that I had to get rid of the cheap sunglasses and look for a good pair, I found information online.

Buying Glasses Online

Nowadays, We Increasingly Buy Glasses and Sunglasses Online. It is easy to do, because with modern technology it can be done. It is no longer always necessary to go to a store to try them on, and the advantage is that you are free to do so these days.

By posting a picture of your face on the site and putting the glasses on it, you can immeriatry see how they look.

IDeal, Especiate When You Can't See Anything Without Glasses. Besides Regular Glasses, Sunglasses Can also do this, and then it is also important to watch carefully which mesh you choose. I Myself Deliberately Chose Brown Polarized Lenses, Because I also or Wear My Sunglasses in Winter Or in Rain With Car Driving.

Polarized Glasses Have An Additional Filter That Protects Your Eyes From Reflective Light, Ideal IF, Like Me, You Are Easily Bothered by The Light. But you can also opt for classic glasses, which protect but at the same time look elegant.

There are so many to choose from and by seing how they look on you, you'll know what frames you like.

Plenty to Think About When Buying New Sunglasses.