Win two great picture books by Quentin Blake

Win two great picture books by Quentin Blake

Every now and then, okay sometimes very often, we have rainy days in our little country. On days like these it is very nice to snuggle up on the couch with your children and read a picture book together. The nicest thing is that if you can read from a picture book with beautiful illustrations and a nice story.

I may give away a package with two picture books by Quentin Blake.

Picture books by Quentin Blake

I have to admit that the name Quentin Blake did not ring a bell with me. I love picture books but secretly I often have no idea who did the illustrations.

Most people are familiar with Roald Dahl's books. The illustrations in those books are all made by Quentin Blake. This is one of the most successful illustrators of the moment and he is also writing his own books together with John Yeoman.

All of these books are full of humor, cheerful prints and with surprising twists and turns.

Beatrice and Annabel

We received two picture books by Quentin Blake and were immediately excited. Both books are suitable for ages 4 and up.

Beatrice and Annabel tells the story of a goat and a sheep who are best friends. They are always grazing together in the meadow but one day decide they want to go on vacation. As luggage they will bring a bunch of balloons and something very surprising.

Luckily, because they will need this later on.

The Wonderful Horse

As a horse owner and lover, I immediately liked the title of this book. A book about a wonderful horse can only be a success. And it turned out to be just that.

The Wonderful Horse tells the story of farmer Knappert and the twins Vicky and Bertje. After the harvest fails the farm is in dire straits and they desperately need money. The twins leave for London with their horse to, hopefully, become rich.

The little horse turns out to have hidden talents that make her the hero of the story.


Would you also like to read these two lovely picture books? Then of course you can buy them but you can also just take a chance and enter this competition.

What you can win?
A book package containing The Wonderful Horse and the book Beatrice and Annabel

Win; two awesome picture books by Quentin Blake

What to do?

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The competition runs until Tuesday, August 9 23.00hour. The winner will be notified on August 10. Please respond to the post within 48 hours or I will unfortunately be forced to draw a new winner.

Do you also love picture books? Who do you want to win this package for??

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