Birthday calendar with your favorite photos

Create your own birthday calendar with your best photos’s

A birthday calendar, where to put it? In the kitchen, hallway or toilet? Wherever you hang the calendar, having one is wise, because that way you won’t forget any more birthdays.

And if you want something really special, just make it yourself.

Few nice calendars

Finding a nice birthday calendar is still quite difficult. What are you looking for in a calendar?? How big or wide, with pictures’s or words and do you want a date on it or do you want to be able to use the calendar for years to come?

It is quite difficult, because how many people still have a calendar in their house?? And if you can’t find one, just make it yourself!

Birthday calendar at

At photofactory.en you can easily make your own calendar. You download the program and can get started right away. First choose the size of the calendar you want to make. And then dragged picture by picture to the month where ice cream wants it.

You can choose special photo’s with a special month or just place random photo’s.

Excellent Service.

Is there unexpectedly something wrong with the creation of the birthday calendar then you get a message that the photos’re not good or for example too small. This is a fine service and lets you create the most beautiful calendars. Within a few days the calendar arrives in the mail and I was very pleased with the result.

Create your own birthday calendar with your best picture

Lots of choice

I made a birthday calendar now, but you can do so much more. Photo books, diaries’s, annual calendars, family planners and cards. Take a look at the site and start creating your own unique image of the best memories you have.

So you have your best photos’s printed instead of remaining on the laptop.