Awesome world maps for the kids room

Awesome world map for the kids room

For years we have had a large world map in our study. When we've been on a trip we scratch off the country in question on it. So over the years we have already got a pretty colorful world map.

World maps never cease to fascinate and Our oldest thinks so too.

All countries on the wall

In the run-up to our vacation, our toddler is busy playing the world's. Where do we live, where do grandpa and grandma live, where do we go on vacation and where have we already been. He likes the big world map in the study but it's just not that practical for small children.

This one hangs too high and is also not so clear.

He was pleasantly surprised to find out that he could pick out a map of the world on a material of his choice. He wanted a nice child-friendly card for above his desk. So it happened.

World map on wood

We searched together for a beautiful picture in the webshop of World maps.and. That wasn't easy because the assortment of children's cards was huge. From detailed images to more abstract plates, the choice was huge. After some comparison we chose a world map with animals.

This way it is not only a cheerful map but also one that can serve as a search chart.

The image was chosen but then came the choice of material. That wasn't easy either. We wanted a world map on canvas, aluminum, plexiglass, wood or just as a poster? Or just a wallpaper or a scratch card??

We already had the latter so we chose the option ‘wood’.

Color on the wall

Within a week we received our world map on wood. Home Delivered and Well Packaged. The Toddler Unwrapped It Immediately and Together We Pointed Out Many Countries and Looked For Animals. Since Both Kids Love the World Map It's Still Downstairs in the Room But Soon It Will Move to the Oldest One's Desk.

There it will provide lots of color on the wall.

Crazy world maps for the nursery

Do you want one of these awesome world maps on your wall?? Take a look at the webshop.

Do you also have a world map on your wall?


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