What do you actually do with the bridal bouquet after your wedding day

What do you actually do with the bridal bouquet after your wedding day?

Every year on our wedding day the husband gives me a beautiful bouquet of roses. Roses that remind me of my bridal bouquet And the place where I left my bouquet. Thinking about this I thought to myself;’ What will others have done with their bridal bouquet?’.

Asking me to marry you

I was about twenty weeks pregnant when my husband-to-be asked me to marry him in Australia. Since I would give birth first, I could wait to pick out a dress, but with everything else around the wedding we could make a start.

Arranging everything for the wedding

The date had to be chosen. And of course a location. Here we took into account that ‘ the baby’ would be about 5 months by this time.

A photographer and the band were arranged. We had a lot of the same ideas, so arranging actually went pretty smoothly. The man did have two wishes.

He wanted to arrange the wedding car and the bridal bouquet.

Trying on wedding dresses

My son was four weeks old when my sister came over from America. We agreed to go shopping for wedding dresses with my mother. I didn’t really have an idea of a dress. Although I kept in mind the gripping hands of my son when looking for the dress. The dress was actually quickly arranged.

The man’s suit was bought and then everything was pretty much done.

What do you do with your bridal bouquet

As I wrote, the husband arranged the bridal bouquet and then the question arose, what do you do with it after the wedding day?? I discussed this at work and mostly heard the answer; ‘I let it dry and it now hangs in the bedroom/on the toilet/guest room’. Actually I did not know what to do with it.

Until I remembered there was a place where I would like to have the bridal bouquet.

How my bouquet got a nice spot

My mother-in-law died when my husband and I had just been dating for a few months ‘courtship’. An intense event, which immediately severely tested our being together. I thought it was a nice gesture to put the bridal bouquet on my mother-in-law’s grave.

And so it happened. A few days after our wedding, we laid this bouquet on her grave. I never regretted this, it felt good to have her a little bit part of our day this way.. Maybe this is why I am so delighted every time the husband comes home with roses.

It’s a sign of love, for each other, our family and relatives.