Wishlist tips- goody-goody gift top 3

Wish list tips- well busy gift top 3

What to put on your list or what to give again this year. That is the question every year. Brightmum is helping us with this question this year and put together the top three good-busy gifts.

Gifts for yourself or others who care about people and the environment.

1.How clever: Ulla Water Coach

Every day you neatly put another bottle or glass of water on your desk, but after half a day of work you discover you haven’t had a sip yet. Recognizable? Then the Ulla water coach is the solution. A smart water sensor that you slide around your glass or bottle and makes sure you keep drinking, even if you’re so busy.

If you haven’t had a drink for half an hour, Ulla subtly lights up. After a sip from your glass or bottle, she blinks briefly as she puts it down, as a kind of reward wink. Ulla is 100% automatic.

No on and off button or daily settings. She turns on when you fill the bottle and take your first drink of the day. When you’re gone, Ulla goes into hibernation mode. The battery in this device lasts an average of six months.

With Ulla as your water coach, you’re sure to get enough fluids. Ideal for your wish list! Retail price Ulla € 23,95.

2.How handy: the Tea Zinger

Also on your wish list is the Tea Zinger. The Tea Zinger gift set makes your favorite tea with fresh ingredients like ginger, orange peel and turmeric in a snap. The stainless steel Tea Zinger (0.65 liter bottle and BPA free) is ideal for both hot and cold tea. The bottle has a built-in grater, which ensures the peel stays in the bottom compartment.

The unique citrus juicer is also part of the package. How to add fresh lemon or lime quickly and easily. The Tea Zinger has a removable tea strainer, so you can use both loose tea and tea bags. A perfect gift for hot and cold days, for home or on the go, with which you can endlessly vary in terms of flavors. The Tea Zinger is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and available in black and white.

Retail price Tea Zinger giftset € 30.95. More info: www.zinganything.en

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3. What sustainable: Lunchskins

And next to for on your wish list: These handy, hip, reusable bags from Lunchskins make plastic bags obsolete. Super handy for e.g. a sandwich during an outdoor day or as a snack bag in the car or train. They also serve very well as make- up/phone bag to the gym for example.

At home they can go straight into the dishwasher, so they are clean and dry reusable the next day. The bags come in different sizes and designs and have a zipper or velcro closure . They are conveniently flat so they fit in any bag, food safe and waterproof. The paint used is 100% lead, BPA and phthalate free.

And also very nice for the environment: with one Lunchskin bag you save 500 plastic bags. Retail price 2-pack bagset € 12,95.

Put lunchskins on your wish list this year

Looking for lunchkins? You can find them here

Good-bye personal choice

What will be on my wish list? The Ulla Water Coach. I try to drink a lot of water, but I often forget and the water bottle stays on my desk. I also find the Tea Zinger really super cute and handy!

I really love tea and with this Zinger I easily make my own favorite flavors myself.