Benefits of screens for your door or window

Benefits of screens for your door or window

Did you know that a screen for your door or window has many more advantages than just keeping insects out?? And did you know that screens come in all shapes and sizes? It’s still cold now, but why not start preparing for better weather?

Everything you want to know about screens

Are you considering buying mosquito nets?? Then a lot of people will think you’re doing this to keep bugs out. Of course that is an important reason, because those little critters in the house don’t make anyone happy.

Especially buzzing mosquitoes on a warm summer evening are incredibly irritating. But did you know that screens have much more to offer? In this article, I share not only the benefits of installing screens in your home, but also what the most common screens are.

Believe it or not, insect screens also come in all shapes, types and sizes. I explain!

What screens do I need?

Screens, as I mentioned in the introduction to this article, come in all shapes, forms and sizes. This is not surprising, because there are also at least as many different types of windows. Think of a tilt and turn window, sliding window or a tilt and turn window.

Many people also choose to place a screen at the door opening. Certainly not an unnecessary luxury, if you have the door to the terrace or balcony open on a hot summer day. Fortunately, at Horrentotaal.And you don’t have to pay top dollar for them.

The benefits of mosquito nets in a nutshell

The number one priority is to prevent insects and pests from flying in. But a screen can also be used for extra ventilation. Especially homes that are very well insulated need to be aired more often.

Regular ventilation is not only good for the freshness of your home, but also for your health. You are less likely to get complaints such as headaches and fatigue. Do you suffer from hay fever? Then the floating pollen during the flowering time of plants and trees is not your greatest friend.

Fortunately, there are even screens with a special coating to which pollen adheres. This way you can still enjoy the outdoors in your home and say goodbye to your hay fever allergy. That is a win-win!

Open your door and window

Although it is still cold now, the time when we can open the door and window will come again sooner than we think. Before you know it, spring will start, we’ll start cleaning and we’ll want to open the door a little more every now and then. The fresh air comes back into the house and the screen keeps pollen and insects out.